Linux vs Windows: Which one to choose

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I guess I was a seven-year-old and I was out of town at my grandmother’s home. On returning home, I saw a box in my room. I had no idea what this box was all about. Out of curiosity, I unpacked the box and saw a Pentium III PC. I didn’t know what it was, but I knew that I would be able to play some games and watch some movies.

Back in the day, this was the only activity one could think to achieve using a PC. Later, I got to know that we needed Windows XP OS for…

Why you should use Node Js.

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Node Js is an Open-Source, cross Platform and JavaScript runtime environment which is built on Chrome’s V8 engine for executing JavaScript code outside of a browser. Mostly we use Node Js for building backend services and Application Programming Interfaces (APIs). Node js is used to create Highly Scalable, Data-Intensive, and real-time applications.

There are quite other frameworks for building back-end Services, like Asp.Net, Django, Flask, Rails, PHP, and so on. So why Node? Well, Node is easy to get started and is used for prototyping and agile development. It is also used to create super fast and highly scalable Applications…

Windows Subsystem for Linux (WSL)

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I use windows for most of my daily tasks, and almost all the software I prefer for my daily tasks, are windows based. Almost 90% of my time is spent on Windows, but still, the gap is there which can only be filled by Linux. Being a developer, I needed Linux for most of my tasks, one of them is deployment. Unlike Windows, Linux is free and most of the Linux versions are open-source.

As the need for Linux came, I completely made a shift to ubuntu. After shifting, I realize that there are plenty of reasons I should shift…

How can you become a good programmer?

How can you become a good programmer?
How can you become a good programmer?
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The era I am living in is the era of technology. Everything we use nowadays is almost connected to somewhere with technology. The Bank we use, the ticket we book, the shows we watch, and even the food we order. Almost in every field, we have computers with us to make our tasks easier. Almost all of us use these products which are directly or indirectly attached to technology and still few of us know, how to code. Among those few, there are many peoples which aren’t as competent as they should be. I am one of them.

So, the…

Customize New Windows Terminal to make your workflow smooth

source: Screenshot of a windows terminal

Terminals are always been there for greater deeds. Almost every Developer or programmer uses it daily to perform some tasks. There have been many options for developers like GNOME, Hyper, etc, and Windows Terminal is one of them.

The new Windows Terminal is a modern, powerful, fast, and efficient terminal for users of command-based tools and shells like WSL, Cmd, and PowerShell. Windows terminal has some extended features which make it stand-out Like it has multiple tabs, UTF-8 character support, GPU accelerated text rendering engine, customization, and configurations. Besides these, it is open-source, which makes it really intriguing.

Every Developer…

Emmet abbreviations to work with CSS

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While working on a project, experienced programmers tend to find shortcuts to save their time. They seem to hurry that they shifted to i++instead of i = i + 1to save time. There are many available options or plugins available to make your web development workflow easy. Emmet is one of them.

Emmet is a plug-in for text editors, which makes coding high-speed with the help of some abbreviations. Like in Html we write html:5we will get this code

This was HTML but you were here to learn how to write CSS faster not HTML. Don’t fret, I will…

The 5 Things That Helped Me Escape Tutorial Hell

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What is ‘Tutorial hell’?

As I started learning to code, I was stuck in tutorial hell. It felt like, I am learning a lot of the stuff. I have mastered Full-Stack web development. I know, how to create a beautiful and awesome-looking fully-fledged website. One day I thought, let’s build something on my own. What I discovered, pushed me into a state of the fret. I came to know that I don’t know anything, so I started another course and then the same happens and I opt-in for another course until I discovered that I was in tutorial hell.

Tutorial hell is really a…

And here’s why

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Yeah, you have read it right. Stop using Chrome or any other browser. Most of you might get offended, but I know what I am talking about. Chrome is the best choice when it comes to JavaScript and other stuff. Even I am writing this article using Chrome. So, why should you stop using Chrome? Well, I usually suffer a lot when CSS doesn’t work the way I want it to work. It’s totally my fault, but how can I get help? or how can I know the CSS I am applying is invalid here? …

Make your web development workflow smooth.

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It’s awful when you are working on a project, but unnecessary things start to interrupt you. I was recently working on a project, where I had to create a front-end responsive design. Along CSS hectic, my HTML formatting was disturbed and things got messed up and made me angry. There was only one option left for me, leave what you are doing and start from scratch. It is always easy to start from scratch than to fix something which is perplexed. I had extensions installed that were needed to help me, but they were not working in the way they…

Everything you need to know to write README.MD

As I was starting out with Github, I always wondered that how can people get to learn about markdown? It seemed to me, like completely whole alien’s language using “#” or “##”. I thought I would never be able to learn this language, at least not in this life. Who knew I was going to be wrong. If you are like me and you think that you too can’t learn Github markdown syntax, you might be wrong. So, in this article, we will learn about Github markdown syntax and what is markdown in general. So, let’s start.

What is Markdown?

Before we start…

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