Why you should use Node Js.

Node Js is an Open-Source, cross Platform and JavaScript runtime environment which is built on Chrome’s V8 engine for executing JavaScript code outside of a browser. Mostly we use Node Js for building backend services and Application Programming Interfaces (APIs). …

Customize New Windows Terminal to make your workflow smooth

Terminals are always been there for greater deeds. Almost every Developer or programmer uses it daily to perform some tasks. There have been many options for developers like GNOME, Hyper, etc, and Windows Terminal is one of them.

The new Windows Terminal is a modern, powerful, fast, and efficient terminal…

Make your web development workflow smooth.

It’s awful when you are working on a project, but unnecessary things start to interrupt you. I was recently working on a project, where I had to create a front-end responsive design. Along CSS hectic, my HTML formatting was disturbed and things got messed up and made me angry. There…

Sameer Katija

Ai enthusiast | MERN Stack Developer | Computer Geek | Tech Blogger | Self-Help Blogger at thoughtsbuilder.com

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